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Savage Mill, Maryland
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Savage Mill
Items of Interest: Restaurant, Antiques,
Home Design and Arts/Crafts
(Located Between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC)
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Why in the world would anyone want to go to Savage, Maryland, and where on earth is it? And what is "Savage Mill" and why is it of any interest or significance? Fair questions.

First of all, this location would not be included on this web site unless it were worth visiting.

If that isn't enough for you, then understand that Savage Mill has an important historical significance and is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Not only that, folks, the buildings that comprise the Mill site today offer visitors (e.g., shoppers) a variety of high-end (and some not so high-end, but super just the same) antique dealers as well as "specialty retail shops, dozens of art and craft studios, art galleries and eateries, including an authentic French bakery...", (I am quoting from the history provided on their web site - see link above).

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Bollman Truss Semi-Suspension Bridge
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In addition to the shops, the buildings themselves (there are a total of nine remaining) are a wonder to view.

The original structures functioned as a working textile mill from 1822 through 1947, producing canvas used in making sails for the clipper ships that sailed in and out of Baltimore harbor.

At a previous visit (January 17, 2005), we were very surprised to see a dramatic change in the makeup of the main section of the complex in the "New Weave" building. In lieu of some of our favorite antique shops, we found a variety of retail establishments that we hadn't experienced before.

We found antique shops galore in the two main Antique Centers (I and III), but now visitors have a greater variety of temptations to thin out their wallets. Check out their Directory Services (with maps) for a listing of all businesses on site.

Update - Antique Centers Consolidated

Since January of 2005, there has been an even more dramatic change. The three Antique Centers have been consolidated into one building, whereas before they had occupied two separate buildings - the "Old Weave" and the "Cotton Shed." - all of the antique dealers now are located on the lower level of the Old Weave building (see MAP below). You can view some photos of the types of fine antiques available here.

You can spend a couple of hours (as we usually do) winding in and out of a wonderful maze of dealers and shops.

We have made purchases here and have never been disappointed with the price we paid nor with the quality of the product.

Also, there is a wonderful restaurant and a pastry shop that should not be missed. The restaurant is the Rams Head Tavern. We have eaten there before and enjoyed the fare , but we will hold off on our usual review of food selections until we return. The same can be said of Bonaparte Breads - which has "traditional 17th Century French breads and pastries." We have eaten there as well but will provide a review following our next visit.

Our advice is: if you haven't been to Savage Mill - GO; and if you haven't been there in a while, GO BACK!! There are many reasons that should appeal to lots of folks in this area.

New Weave Building at Savage Mill
New Weave Building at Savage Mill
(Photo by Ron Patterson)