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New Market, Maryland
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New Market
Items of Interest: Antiques, Restaurants, Farmer's Market
(Located at Exit 62 - New Market Interchange
Off East Interstate 70 about three miles east of Frederick, Maryland)

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New Market is delightful for simply a stroll to enjoy the mostly "unrestored" architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries buildings, and with only a few modern intrusions, it gives the impression of a real 19th century town.

There are several worthwhile antique shops including -

  • 1812 House - Recently this shop had a wonderful Empire period dresser from Georgetown and a set of early 19th century French prints of the 4 elements (earth, air, fire, and water) in addition to many nice porcelain pieces.
  • Fleshman's Antiques - If you frequent local antique shows, you will probably recognize the proprietors who are very knowledgeable and friendly even if you're only "looking". Their stock is constantly being renewed because of quick turn over; so if you see something you like, grab it because the next time you ask it will be gone. A good source of mid to late 19th century furniture.
  • Smith Tavern Antiques - This is a "real" old fashioned shop with lots of items, so you have to look carefully - no "spit and polish" here!
  • Finch's Antiques - Here you will find two levels of goods - the items on the ground floor are the best with objects ranging from paintings, to clocks, to porcelains and other collectibles. Recently they had a reasonably priced set of Potthast dining chairs, a wonderful signed bronze Shakespeare statue, and a variety of 19th century paintings. The shop has many interesting "smalls" from many periods.
  • John L. Due Antiques - This shop has very "high end" furniture and period accessories. If you're looking for the real thing, this is a good stop. Most shop owners here are friendly and are willing to share their knowledge of their wares. Always remember (as on any antique shopping experience) to ask for the "best price"!

Also check out the seasonal produce/ flower stand at the east end of town. You will find local produce and good nursery stock. Last summer, they had some wonderful red angel wing begonias which were enormous! This is a good source of fall mums as they grow their own.