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Mount Vernon, Virginia
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Mount Vernon
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(Located just South of Washington, D.C., along the Potomac River)

There are a number of excellent reasons to visit Mount Vernon, Virginia - the home of George Washington. The three that keep us going there are (1) the mansion itself, (2) the wonderful drive along the Potomac River down the Mount Vernon Parkway, and (3) the restaurant.

In addition to George Washington's Home, Mount Vernon offers a delightful restaurant on the premises - the "Mount Vernon Inn."

We often drive the short distance from Arlington down the Mount Vernon Parkway just to partake of their wonderful menu items.

Mount Vernon Inn - Click Here for Larger Image
The Mount Vernon Inn
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Our lunch time favorites include: their Virginia peanut and chestnut soup, the Inn spinach salad; fried chicken; the Mount Vernon meat loaf; and roasted rosemary chicken. Their potions are generous, but please don't consider leaving without trying the homemade bread pudding.

We are never disappointed, unless we get there on a day when there is no fried chicken - our very, very favorite. The only problem is - fried chicken is not served every day and the decision on when it is served is not made until the morning of the particular day when it appears on the menu - bummer!!

Our Rating (Five Chefs is Highest)