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A Major Determinant in Returning to a Restaurant is DESSERT, Dude!!!
Here Are Our Best Bets:
(Not Listed in Order of Preference)

1. Bread Pudding

Restaurant One
2121 14th Street, Washington, DC 20010

Eatonville's Bread Pudding - Photo Courtesy Eatonville Web Site

The outstanding item here (not to be missed) is the fresh, baked-in-house delicious bread pudding.

When you visit Eatonville, and we STRONGLY recommend that you do so, save room for this dessert because it is truly exceptional.

We ordered twice and enjoyed twice, Eatonville's Bread Pudding (see photo above). Both of us place bread pudding at or very near the top of our favorite desserts and restaurants serving this splendiferous splurge into sugar rate highly wih us. Eatonville didn't let us down. Even if we've had a fairly large lunch/brunch, we seldom have difficulty in justifying our urge to order their amazingly wonderful bread pudding. Thanks, Eatonville.

Please take the time to check out our COMPLETE REVIEW of this unique restaurant in our nation's capitol and the great food you will find here.

Our Rating (Five Chefs is Highest)

Directions to Eatonville
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2. Chocolate Cake

3. Home-Made Pies

Bakery One
Red Truck Bakery and Market
Old Town Warrenton at Courthouse Square, 22 Waterloo Street, Warrenton, Virginia 20186

Photo Courtesy
Red Truck Bakery

"One of my favorite discoveries is Brian Noyes, the owner of the Red Truck Bakery in Virginia, who has a deft hand with pastries and an unerring sense of flavor balance."

--MARIAN BURROS, The New York Times

"The Red Truck Bakery is the love child of Smithsonian magazine art director Brian Noyes, an accomplished baker who has studied at New York’s Culinary Institute of America and L’Academie de Cuisine in Washington, D.C. Each weekend Noyes offers up a selection of goodies made in the humble kitchen of his Orlean farmhouse."

- Flavor Magazine

Our purchases were designed to get a "flavor" of their offerings and included: (1) a loaf of Harvest Wheat Bread with Fruit; (2) Foccacia; (3) their signature "Alma Hackney’s Rum Cake" and (4) a jar of their Sour Cherry Jam (with a hint of almond).

Within a couple of hours of returning to Arlington, we just had to try the Rum Cake, and we did. Never have we been so surprised and delighted with a new taste - the cake was simply perfect - not too sugary and just tart enough to keep us interested. This is a winner, no doubt.

On our next venture to Red Truck, we picked up the very best peach pie we have ever had. The crust was perfect; the filling was perfect. We were happy campers.

Our Rating (Five Chefs is Highest)

Directions to Warrenton and the Red Truck
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Bakery Two
Moms Apple Pie Store
220 Loudoun Street, SE, Leesburg, VA 20175

Here's is what the folks at Moms say about their pies and you'll get no argument from us:

"We still peel fresh, Shenandoah Valley apples and hand mix only premium fresh and frozen fruits for making Mom's pies. We add sugar sparingly, so you can savor the fruits of Mom's labor in all their naturally potent splendor. And Mom's crust? This is one crust that won't be left on the plate. Mom's crust is super-flaky and very tasty."

Our personal favorites are their bourbon walnut pie, their chocolate pecan pie and their wonderful quiches - oh my, they are just great, unbelievably great!!

Our Rating (Five Chefs is Highest)

Loudoun County Road Map
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Bakery Three

Fine Sweet Shop
DC's Eastern Market
7th Street & North Carolina Avenue, SE, Washington, DC, (202) 543-9729

This bakery offers a wide variety of baked goods, including pies, cakes, cookies, specialty breads, buns, cannolis, strudel, and turnovers.

We have been especially impressed with their "Old Fashioned Apple Pie" and their superb cocanut cake.

The apple pie is perfect with fresh apples, a not too liquid filling, and a crisp top. Their coconut cake is the best we've found. And one of the best reasons to visit this shop is the pleasant staff - they are so patient with the lines and always reward you with a smile.

Our Rating (Five Chefs is Highest)

Directions to Fine Sweet Shop at Eastern Market
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